Saints Row IV is an open world game that continues the story of the Third Street Saints by elevating their status to the highest level – the leaders of the free world. After a catastrophic alien invasion occurs where the aliens trasnport the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation, you must fight to free humanity from alien grandaddy Zinyak’s mental grasp by ultiziling gargantuan superpowers. Escape the simulation that’s trapped the Saints crew, or die trying.


Well this is quite the shift in career paths. Not long ago your leader of the Saints was stomping skulls in Steelport. Clearly, voters hold cranium-crushing in high regard in the world of Volition’s sociopathic sandbox, as your gangster boss has now been promoted to Leader of the Free World.

Although the developer is keeping schtum on the specifics, we’re promised the Saints have appropriately blinged out the White House. We imagine there’ll be strippers draped in gorilla suits grinding in the Oval Office. During the demo lead producer Jim Boon shows us, the Prez is dressed head to toe in garish star-spangled garb. It’s a wonderfully absurd move and one that perfectly encapsulates Saints Row 4’s gloriously daft sensibilities.

We are not alone… mainly because Saints Row’s take on Washington D.C. is invested with an extraterrestrial force known as The Zen. Controlling a seemingly indestructible hero prompted Volition to create an enemy that could actually pose a threat to a dude who can hurl a Humvee three city blocks.

Scott Phillips, the game’s lead design director, talked us through a few of the different Zen troops you can expect to duff up. “There are regular grunt units, some bigger foes and then you have the Wardens,” he says. “They’re the equivalent of the player as they also have super-powers. They can do all the things that you can do, so you have to use all your skills against them. Said badass UFOs look like the by-product of a steamy night between The Thing and a Xenomorph.

For a series that has redefined comedy weapons, Saints Row 4 has some big floppy feet to fill. Lucky, Volition is more than equal to the task. Forget your vanilla grenade or rocket launchers; here you can fire a gun that lets you inflate enemies’ heads. Unleash the Inflate-o-ray, then stand back and watch as some poor sap’s skull slowly expands until it eventually pops like a gore-filled piñata.

Not in the mood for blowing up bonces? Then perhaps the Dubstep Gun will be more to your tastes. Similar to Ratchet & Clank’s Groovitron (the disco ball of death that makes everyone dance), the weapon will immediately make any onscreen civilians or foes bust out into a shame-faced boogey. And we thought Saints Row: The Third’sanaconda-sized purple sex device was out there.

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Saints Row IV

Publisher: Deep Silver

Developer: Volition

Minimum System Requirements

* OS: Windows Vista (x86 or x64) with SP2
* CPU: Any Quad Core Processor (Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X4) or 3.0+ Dual Core CPU
* RAM: 4 GB
* HDD: 10 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 1 GB Graphics Memory
* DirectX: Version 11

Recommended System Requirements

* OS: Windows 7/8
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (4 * 2500 MHz) or AMD Phenom 9850 (4 * 2500 MHz)
* RAM: 4 GB
* HDD: 10 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 1 GB Graphics Memory
* DirectX: Version 11



Title: Saints Row IV
Genre: Action
Developer: Volition
Publisher: Deep Silver
Languages: English*, German, French, Italian, Spanish


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